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The invisible security hazard

May 14th, 2017
More and more things will be connected to the internet of things. The internet connection brings a never ending threat of security issues to the devices. Last weekend it was widely noticable with the effect of the ransomware WannaCry stopping Deutsche Bahn's customer information service.
The security threat is a new challenge for device makers: Before it was a countable number of requirements which had to be fulfilled to ensure that the device would be of good quality and longevity. But the checklist to build an unbreakable and secure connected device doesn't even exist. More and more points would have to be added in future during the lifetime of the device.

The next big thing for the Internet of Things: ESP32

April 3rd, 2016
The manufacturer and creator of the almost legendary ESP8266 has something new in the pipeline: A connectivity module which contains WiFi and Bluetooth simultaneously. The Shanghai based company Espressif has planned a product with amazing specs.
Link to the website from Espressif about the ESP32.

3D camera based on compressive sensing

March 27th, 2016
A paper on a 3D camera based on compressive sensing was published by researchers of Beihang University Beijing, University of Glasgow and the company Selex ES.
Link to the Blog Nuit Blanche.